Story #155, 15.05.2012 from anonymous visitor
I am dating a girl 6 years older than me. She has 4 kids and her teenage son hates me and regularly threatens to kill me in my sleep. He has beaten on me before and I tried to fight back but his mother said she would call the cops if I did. When im not around she puts ideas in her friends and families heads and now they all hate me. Ive taken care of somebody elses kids for two years and was told if I leave im leaving with the clothes on my back and nothing.else even though I have paid for most of it. I work an hourly job and all my money goes to my girlfriend and her kids and I am not respected and told I am hated and would be better off dead daily. I dont know what to do anymore I have nowhere else to go I moved far away from my friends and family to be closer to hers. The list can go on and on..i am a good guy but my whole life I have been taken advantage of and robbed for my kindness. I turned to drugs for a while all it got me was 2 prison terms where I was picked on in a similar way. Im considering suicide and have had several failed attempts and live in constant fear of waking up homeless or dead because of some punk aas kid who manipulates his mom. SHOOT ME PLEASE!
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Story #154, 09.05.2012 from anonymous visitor
I'm 25 living with my parents. We have no money, my mother is a drunk, my father is sick and my big sister is in fear of people. I take care of every single one of them and I have enough. I help them with the money with a Job I HATE and aborted my studies because of it and because I hated it anyway... I want to study something and somewhere else, but have no money to get there. Also I'm single since years and lonely. Noone actually helps me. I have noone to talk because everyone just uses me to talk about themself. I was always the victim, helped everyone, never complained and when I can't take it anymore. The real horrible shame is. Even when you would try to shoot me, I probably would survive every fucking bullet. PS: Not native english.
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Story #153, 01.05.2012 from anonymous visitor
I was born to druggie parents, when I was 2 I was put into foster care and until I was 5 I was physically and emotionally abused. I was moved around a lot until my siblings, who were my only source of support, and I were separated when I was 6. I got to the family that would adopt me when I was 7 after more abuse. The woman is abusive but I ignore it and to top it all off I'm GAY and everyone around me is homophobic.
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Story #152, 23.04.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Sex 
I am 22 boy And i have sex with my Girlfriend In Park in IRAN That night i can't Go to my House And we went to park back of One Big Tree........YES!!! this work is Crime In iran Shoot me please
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Story #150, 21.04.2012 from anonymous visitor
I'm 15 and i don't have friends at school, or at home. i found out last year that i was adopted and my foster-mum doesn't love me. i'm normally at home by myself, and when ever my foster-mum is home, she doesn't speak to me. my step-brother and step-sister were the only ones who cared. until my brother moved out and my sister died. i had the best boyfriend i could have ever wanted, until he broke up with me and straight to some one else. he hates me, and i don't even know why. i don't know why everything in my life goes wrong, i'm trying my best. i cant cope being on my own all the time, the only friend i have, are the ones at the other side of the world. just friends that i've met over the internet. i will never meet them, i'm sure of it.. i'm fed up so, Shoot me please.
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Story #149, 19.04.2012 from anonymous visitor
I can no longer get my dick up, my girlfriend hates me for that and one big mistake in my past when I wasn't technically with her which causes it, my parents have cut me off unless I do chores for them at ungodly hours, I can't get a job, my girl every day is angry with me and makes me feel like shit for unintentionally "hurtful" things I do, thinks I'm a cheating lying bastard, and wants to break up with me every single day, but gets angry if I do try and walk away, saying I don't love her enough. My grades suck, and I have little feeling for anyone left in me. My parents take it out on me every time they are unhappy with each other, and will only support me if I do exactly what I want. I'm a bitch and I can't stand up to anyone, because when I try they just keep on yelling at me and I give up. Did I mention I can't get hard? Shoot me please.
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Story #147, 30.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
this psychic bitch told me i'm never gonna reach my lifetime goal, SHOOT ME PLEASE:'(
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Story #146, 29.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Technics 
I am a 15 year old who has no friends, my grades suck and I am horrible at sports, the girl I asked out slapped me and my parents hate me. I am obese and I even broke the computer I spent $500 building (my life's savings) and the company that I ordered the faulty part from refuses to pay damages. Shoot me please
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Story #145, 27.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
As pessoas que passam pelas nossas vidas, nunca passam a sós. Sempre deixam um pouquinho delas e levam um pouco de nós.
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Story #143, 24.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Family 
my mom and dad still dont let me have a bf, im almost 15 now. SHMPLS
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Story #142, 24.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends 
i lid to my bff that i have a boyfriend, now i feel bad about it but i cant tell her i lied and the worst part is she wants to meet him. shoot me pls
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Story #141, 24.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends 
im stuped my mom died living with a asshole father and my girl is so fare a way from me i cant hold her or be there for her shoot me please
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Story #140, 23.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
my mom died of cancer living with a asshole dad shmpls!
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Story #139, 22.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Family 
I'm a 14 year old... I'm bipolar, have adhd, extreme deressive disorder, and anxiety disorder. At least once every 3 months there is a new drive-by on my street. Everyday my parents fight and since i was 3 years old i've wanted them to divorce..alot for a little girl to stress about? Well i had t grow up fast since my dad decided to be a dumb fuck childish basterd! I only have stayed alive for my mommy n my baby sister who is 11 and has autism so she doesnt talk:/ took me n my mom 10 years just to potty train her. I also helped raise my younger brother who is now 13 he is of no help because he hasnt matured... oh did i mention I'm bisexual and the girl i love was only dating me for a week out of pitty.... I'm only bi because.i was molested fr 3 years by my YOUNGER COUSINS:"(I'm starting to do partly better but before this i went to rebelian 2nd handed off weed, tagged, stole, and almost killed plenty of people for their imurturity and stuidity. The only good thing is i have a boyfriend who loves me and I'm head over heels for him...been with him for a year but even if hes here the reality of life hits hard:/ i've tried suicide, running away, and just trying to ignore life but it seems like.nothing helps... SHOOT ME PLEASE!? -Katt
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Story #138, 21.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents 
15, parents hate me
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Story #137, 12.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
im sexy and i know it SHOOT ME PLEASE!
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Story #136, 08.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
I can't be with him because he is far away from me. SHMPLS.
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Story #135, 05.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
I had a pet lemming. It used my only bullet. SHMPLS!
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Story #134, 05.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Sex 
My name is Alex Charlesworth and I'm gay!
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Story #133, 05.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Sex 
im 11 years old in 6th grade, had sex twice and contracted AIDS from my last boy friend. SHMPLS
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