Story #132, 04.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Family 
im 14. my life used to be good, a great family who loves me, great friends, popularity in school and,.... then i started to like my best friend, he liked bad girls so i started acting bad, found new older friends, started to smoke weed, got fake boyfriends, dressup like a whore and... then he started to act good and once he told me that it was the old me that he loved the old nicer me, so i wanna change now but i cant cuz i turned into a bitch... SHOOT ME PLEASE (P.S im still a virgin and i still like him)
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Story #131, 03.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
hi, im justin bieber:D:D:D:D:D
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Story #128, 03.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations 
it takes a lot for me to like a boy, i finally started to like one, the problem is that he used to be my best friend when i was 4 and the worst part is that after his little sister grew up i became her best friend so we started not to talk, now i'm 14 i recently started to like him, i believe he hates me all though he's nice his sister (A.K.A BFF) says he's crazy for me and i should make a move, his besties like me but he doesn't they say he hates me also, i think i love him cause it's been about a year that i like him and i spend 99% of my life thinkin' bout him but i'm sure he doesn't spend even a sec, and even if he does he's too shy and my mom says i'm too young to have a boyfriend:(Shoot me Please._.
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Story #124, 03.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations 
selena gomez stole my BF:D Shoot Me Please:p
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Story #115, 27.02.2012 from anonymous visitor
Head up party people. Life gets tough, seems unfair, and will bust you in the mouth every chance it gets. Thats no reason to throw a pity party, your still breathing, and with each breathe your granted another opportunity. An opportunity to change how you perceive your life. Perception will always be reality. If you think negatively, negativity finds you. If you think positive, turn that frown upside down, youd be surprised at what life brings. This is not a post to boast i am better than you, as i found this website in frustration by typing in "Shoot me please" into google. All im saying is theres a rhyme and a reason. Always an opportunity to become better and change the things we dont like. Too few people realize this. ;) Smile. Help a neighbor. Hold the door for a stranger. One small deed for someone else can be a huge deed for yourself. Feel free to visit me on Facebook. Jason Gawen. Or check out my album on iTunes. Jason G. - Lyrics Live Here Without the rain, no one would understand how great the sunshine truly is Head up
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Story #114, 25.02.2012 from anonymous visitor
I'm 14 and my life sucks, my classmates and teachers treat me like an outsider, they humiliate me, my dad left my mom when i was 5 years old, now we leave in a depressing place, my mom don't believe me nothing when i told her how is the people in my school, i have no friends, my family is always fighting, my mom's always bitter, nobody listen me, and i think I have an undiagnosed mental illness. Now, shoot me.
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Story #113, 12.02.2012 from anonymous visitor
I've grown up where my dad's family have never made me feel wanted. I am constantly shunned aside and ridiculed by them. Recently my grandmother died. She never really knew me, no matter how much I tried to be the sweetest little angel to her. She died never telling me she loved me. She died never hearing that I loved her. Yet on Christmas Eve last year, while she was in hospital, my dad, who I had only ever seen cry once, and that was when my great grandmother died, came crying to me, telling me that she was holding on to life to see me. So I went to the hospital with him. When we walked in her mouth was open and her eyes where fluttering back. But she was only sleeping. She was pale and weak and had lost so much weight. We talked and she hugged me and gave me a kiss and then before we left she hugged me again and simply said thank you. She died a week later. At her funeral, I did not cry. I held my weeping father in my arms during the survice, comforted my aunts and uncle, and had distant cousins cry on my shoulder. I felt used. Detached. Then to scatter her ashes, my mum and I were told not to go, and yet my distant relatives and all of dad's family went anyway. She left a hole in my heart where a grandmother's love is supposed to be. It will never heal. So make another hole. Shoot me please. xx
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Story #112, 12.02.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Sex 
12 not virgin. SHMPLS.
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Story #111, 12.02.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Other 
Shoot me, my life sucks.
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Story #110, 06.02.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Other 
I'm Justin Beiber.
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Story #109, 31.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
I'm deeply depressed, can't go to school, suffering from scoliosis, breathing problems and allergy. I can't train so therefore, i'm fat. THEREFORE i'm on my way in to an eatingdisorder. Shoot me please.
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Story #108, 31.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
I'm 17. I'm bi-polar and ADHD, I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters, we're pretty poor and my dad died last year. My mum looks after us herself. at 14 I became an alcoholic and nearly got a girl pregnant, later on I tried out weed and ecstasy and now do drugs frequently. I'm pansexual, though I find myself more attracted to guys and have been teased and people have even picked fights with me for this. They call me things like "faggot" and "homo" a lot and "pikey" because of my gypsy background. It could be worse, I have a large group of friends and two friends I've known since I was six. I often feel guilty because at the age of about 12 or 13 I witnessed my own best friend beaten to death because of racial conflict. I always feel like it was partly my fault, as if I could have done something. I sometimes cough up blood because before my dad died he was drunk alot and he once punched me really hard in the chest. The only person I've ever felt any real feelings for is a guy called Brad. I loved him, he made my life so much better, but it was a long distance relationship and I have serious commitment issues. I never really speak to him much anymore. One thing I do find consolation in is writing poetry and knowing that I do have friends that care, and I'm trying to clean up my life.
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Story #107, 26.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
yo Man Iam Mangal and My birth country Nepal ha ha were lOrd BUDDHA was born n have world tallest MOuntain my life is normal now n worst every half n sometimes i am too bad to being good son n good freinds n also good students i just want to shoot my fucking worst life n live great livee haa goodbye now
Story #106, 18.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
I was born. SHMPLS
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Story #105, 15.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
Honestly, I'm only 12, but i always have a really bad stomach pain whenever I eat or take a crap, I get sick every 2 weeks on average, have people that are constantly trying to kill me or torture me to death, and have an alcoholic family that usually cares about absolutely nothing. I suffer from depression and OCD and have a dick math teacher who tries to expel me for absolutely nothing. I'm even an ATHEIST, and everyone forces religeon on me every step i take. I've contemplated suicide over 700 times and have a longer school day because I have depression classes that I hate. Shoot me PLEASE!
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Story #104, 12.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
I lost my science textbook right before exams and soon I'll most likely have to play $75. I have also inherited OCD from my family and because of that have been a complete emotional mess. Every year for about three years I have been having a horrible attendance because I've learned to despise school because when I'm there I have no friends and when I get home my brother is a complete psycho that beats up my mom. He's been to jail twice already but they keep sending him back. Sometimes I've lost it completely and pulled knives on him. In the middle of all this, my Grandpa that had stopped talking to our family last year died of cancer. I'm fourteen but I already don't know how much of this I can take or how much harder it's going to get. Shoot me, please.
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Story #103, 05.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Other 
My neighbour's mom is Justin Bieber fan and she plays his cds day and night the loudest she can - and she's singing to it. Well, if you don't shoot me, I'll do it by myself...
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Story #102, 05.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family  Other 
I'm only 12 years old, but I have emotional and family issues that are taking a toll on me. It all starts out when I was 3, and living in Chicago. To make this long story short; I was at a bakery with my mom, brother, and the store owners, a robber came in and held up the store, tied up my mom and the store owners in the basement, threatining to kill us all, then leaving me and broher upstairs with him... Considering I don't really remember this, and it's not completely relavent to the rest of my story; how did this affect me? I developed mild PTSD... As well as having that, I currently have depression, I self harm, I have anxiety, and am showing signs of anorexia. Along with that, even though I do love my mom, she is a complete bitch to me! She told me she I thought I was going to kill myself, she's called me bitch before, shithead, never believes me about anything, and she always brings me down someway or another... And from people at school that hurts, I know it does, but from your own mom it hurts so much more. She's really a large reason of why I cut, and have had sucidal thoughts. I keep all that botteled up in me though, because I feel like there is no one there for me to tell it to. In all honesty, I'm scared for my future. I'm only 12, but I have depression, am very awkward, have an anxiey disorder, PTSD, starting to have a eating disorder... I feel like a completely screwed worthless piece of shit and I don't know what to do. Shoot me please.
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Story #100, 11.12.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
For the first few years of my life, I had a fairly good life. A dad, mom, and brother. One day, my mom ran away, and I haven't seen her since. My brother died at the age of 9, and I found him dead in my garage. From there on, things went down hill. My dad and I moved to a shitty place in the inner city, where he became a drug and alcohol addict. Nowadays, he always seem to be either drunk or high. He's abusive, and doesn't give a fuck about my well being. He should be in jail, but he's not, and I just don't get it. I'm afraid to admit this, but I'm leaning down the same path as him, and can't stop myself. I've cut since I was 9, have severe depression, and an anxiety disorder. I just feel like it's not worth living anymore, there's no one there for my, I'm worthless... I hate my life. Shoot me please.
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Story #99, 08.12.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations 
My girlfriend always get angry with me. She scolds me every now and then. I am in a serious trouble. She has some mental problem. I am the sufferer. I cant continue anymore. But I love her. Why I am so much unlucky? SHOOT ME PLEASE.
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