Story #98, 04.12.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Other 
I have a Dell Alienware Laptop with Intel Dual Core i7 3GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 19' Display, Backlit Keyboard 9 cell battery backup of 4.5 hours. But my internet connection sucks. Shoot me please!
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Story #97, 25.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Family 
Sixteen. Almost seventeen. Mum divorced three times and married four times. (her current marriage is slowly decaying) Still don't know who my dad is. Want to get out of this shit town but my 'family' will no longer take me in. My older sister who was my fucking mentor moved out the Monday before Thanksgiving so I came home and her room was empty, like she had never lived here. I work at fucking Pizza Hut and they scam me every paycheck and I'm constantly sexually harassed but I'm too fucking tired to do anything. My ex boyfriend (we lost our virginities together) turned into a nympho and cheated on me with a lot of different girls by using MYYEARBOOK. My other ex got leukemia and somehow managed to cheat on me on his death bed. (He recovered, and now he's a local celebrity and AAAALLLLLLLL the girls want some) I am now a speed addict, spend most of my paycheck money on speed and weed. Have one night stands. Ended up fucking the 19 year old neighborhood felon and getting pregnant. Got an abortion. Can't get over my two main exs (previously mentioned) AND I'M STILL STUCK IN THIS PODUNK TOWN. FMLSHMPLS!!!
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Story #96, 20.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
I have a computer connected to my tv and got it before they sold those pc ones and by bff wants one too Shoot yourself
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Story #95, 19.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family 
Everyday i suffer with bullying, depression, stress. all i get is hate from people i dont even know. my family hates me and all i wanna do is die. my family tells me im not good enough, and that im worthless. SMPLS
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Story #94, 18.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations 
I'm not sure if my crush likes me or loves me back. He shows signs that he likes me, like that time when i was crying, he looked at me.But yesterday, when my teacher forced me to borrow a pen from my crush (becaus ei dont have one) all my classmates screamed "how sweet!" and my crush shouted "She's all yours guys.ALL YOURS." And also, i feel like a total nerd at school, because guys call me "ugly girl" but almost all of my teachers call me "pretty" they even want me to be the candidate for our school beauty pageant. THIS IS SUCH A CONFUSING LIFE. SHMPLS. :'(
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Story #93, 02.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations 
I'm 16 fat, ugly, in love with my friend but am to scaired to tell him, have depression and suicidally thoughts, my dad left my mum cos he hates me, my mum is always telling me how useless I am and how I'm the worst mistake of her life, I'm failing school and cant get anything right. Just shoot me now.
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Story #92, 30.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Sex 
...Had sex with two (a girl and guy)... Condom broke. Didnt take the pill... Pregant test said yes... Fuck it?... SHMPLS....
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Story #91, 29.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Other 
I tried to kill Chuck Norris, but Chuck Norris killed the kill.
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Story #90, 21.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Family 
I have two brothers. SHMPLS
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Story #89, 16.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Family 
My best friend posted about her screwed up life on here and so many people said shoot that she shot her self yesterday. I miss her so much so please.. Shoot me so I can see her again! PLEASE!!
Shoot! 33   Could be worse 16
Story #88, 16.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
I'm Bi-Polar. I have Depression. I have been Physically, Verbally, Sexually, Mentally, and Emotionally abused by my "Family" since I was 7.. (I am only 14) I hardly know my father. The man who was like a father to me comitted suicide yesterday. All my neigbors know what happens at my house but refuse to do anything about it. Three people that I cared about (My Grandmother, Grandfather, and my other Grandfather) all died in the last three months) I get harrassed by all the guys at school. They pull me into bathrooms and ask me if I want to do it. My neibor pulls out a gun when ever she sees me walking by. Shoot me please. Anybody who knows (Guidance counclers at school.. Teachers..) give up on me..
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Story #87, 01.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Sex 
I'm almost 16 and i'm still in love with my ex, we broke up about 8 months ago.. i still think of him, cry over him, dream about; I miss him so fucking much, but it get worse... he hates me he is ALWAYS tweeting about he is SOO over me and that he loove to being single, jerks stuff. I tried so many times to moved on to get over him but nothing works I feel so depress and alone; I feel that even my family don't like... mu self-esteem is underground SHMPLS.
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Story #86, 02.09.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Sex 
I had sex with my GF and the condom broke. She wasn't taking the pill. I am scared she will be preggo. SHMPLS.
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Story #85, 30.08.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
My parents hate me.....SHMPLS
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Story #84, 30.08.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations 
I'm going into high school and I've had my heart broken 15 times already.....Shoot me please
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Story #83, 13.08.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Sex 
I'm 16 virgin just beacuse in my country you should be virgin when you want to marry so when the boy that i realy liked asked me to have sex i said no and after that he ended up to every thing
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Story #82, 08.08.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Other 
I got beat up by Chuck Norris, SHMPLS.
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Story #81, 25.07.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Work  Family 
In the last year I have lost 2 houses, broken a lease on an apartment, seperated and soon to divorce, filed for bankruptcy twice because the.first one fell apart, moved back with my parents at 31 years old, screwed myself out of three jobs, and have exactly 200 dollars to my name. No college degree no savings no backup plan no nothing so shoot me no?
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Story #78, 05.07.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Other 
im a nocturnal geek that has insomnia, i normally cant sleep for 4-5 days at a time and then i crash and burn for 2-3days, i hardly see daylight and im paler than milk. my car got stolen 2 days ago. i haven't filled a hole in nearly 3 years and i lost my house keys so when i go to the 24hour supermarket for cigarettes whisky and pot noodles i need to climb onto my house roof and in through my balcony to get back inside. fuck card keys and the long waiting period for replacements. could be worse?
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Story #77, 13.06.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family 
My wife is making life hell for me
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