Q:What is it all about?

Real life situations described by real people. Everyone is sharing and giving a rate either deciding to "Shoot the story" or rate it as "Could be Worse". Post your story anonymously or login using your facebook account. Just look at some cases from different point of view.

Q: But still, why "shoot me please?"

"Shoot me please" - has absolutely peaceful meaning, very close to microblogging but public and presented as one piece community to share real and sometimes really hard stories.That is you who will decide how to rate it.

Q: How does moderation work?

We simply read the story first before posting it to make sure its not just another spam or really off topic content. We also do reserve the right to decide either to post your story, edit or decline. You don't really have to think about moderation if your story is real and belongs to you and don't forget to make sure it ends with words, "Shoot me please" or "SHMPLS".