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I have a Dell Alienware Laptop with Intel Dual Core i7 3GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 19' Display, Backlit Keyboard 9 cell battery backup of 4.5 hours. But my internet connection sucks. Shoot me please!

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31.01.2012, 03:10
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It could be worse, You could own a mac.
28.05.2015, 14:06
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10.11.2012, 03:54
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How do you get away with so little ram. Hell I got dual quad cores in my custom purpose built Asus, 16gb of ram. 10 hour battery and 2tb internal HD. Laughs, yep I know, I'm a wanker. Bang Bang Bang.... I just shot your stupid laptop
19.07.2016, 12:50
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