Story #163, 08.01.2013 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Family 
26, no job, no woman, no hope, no fk any thing, live with parents, shoot me with bazooka!!!
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Story #160, 07.11.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family 
I was born and removed from my mother (She was Black and I was White, black women did not know how to raise mixed blood babys in the 50's) discarded twice before I was 1 month old and then adopted. Before I was 7 the lesson that parents lie, as do police and that I was stupid, useless and not worth spending any time on was well ingrained. The incidents that taught me that still haunt me some 50years latter. My heart leaks constantly as the video runs through my mind. I look back and see No happy memories in my early years and as memories are what make us who we are I am a very unhappy adult. A parasitic microbial disease that is caught from the common cat was discovered in my system when I was 7. It has the power to change ones mood and destroy eye sight. My spine has deteriorated as arthritis and osteoporosis set in, the outcome is walking aids and constant pain. The 350>500mgs of Morphine I consumed daily only sedated me, so that I didn't give a dam about the pain. My hip want's to seize every time I move position and the nerve sends electric jolts down my leg of such power and intensity that I almost scream out loud. I do when it wakens me from my sleep, my neighbours are not happy. The constant 24/7 black dog of depression barks at my heals never-endingly. I am so so so tired. Now 55, can't work, can’t walk without mechanical aids, can't go out during the daylight as lights hurt my eyes, reading makes my eyes ake and now the money has run out and medication is beyond reach. I live on my bathroom floor as it is well drained; my mattress is double coated rubber and the hose is within easy reach. Pain is now my lover and permanent partner. Laughs, Oh I so much want a divorce. I could call for help, but it just aint me. My ancestors in the not too distant past when it was their time they wandered off from the people so that they might die. I can’t wander but I can shut myself off from those around me. I pray that a worn out older soul is allowed the dignity to go back to dust. It is time to hit the button. So shoot me someone, hell if I was a dog I would of been put down years ago. Shoot Me Please.
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Story #157, 11.07.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Family 
I am 15 and have no friends besides one that lives far away and one that I don't even know if we are friends. Through they will leave just like everyone else for no reason. My mom tells me that I am selfish and I made her and everyone else miserable. She yells at me a lot especially when I show any emotion. My dad yells at me to for being over emotion. I been depressed for over a year and I cut myself daily for about two months now. I have thought of suicide many times. I even have held a bottle of pills and cried because I wanted to do it but I couldn't. It drives me crazy that I can't be the one to kill me. I also had stood in the middle of the street and hope every night before I go to bed that I won't wake up. I skip meals often like most days for the past 2 weeks I hadn't ate breakfast or lunch. I really don't know what I did for a lot of people to hate me or not talk to me. I think if I was skinny my mom would hate me less.
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Story #143, 24.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Family 
my mom and dad still dont let me have a bf, im almost 15 now. SHMPLS
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Story #140, 23.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
my mom died of cancer living with a asshole dad shmpls!
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Story #139, 22.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Family 
I'm a 14 year old... I'm bipolar, have adhd, extreme deressive disorder, and anxiety disorder. At least once every 3 months there is a new drive-by on my street. Everyday my parents fight and since i was 3 years old i've wanted them to divorce..alot for a little girl to stress about? Well i had t grow up fast since my dad decided to be a dumb fuck childish basterd! I only have stayed alive for my mommy n my baby sister who is 11 and has autism so she doesnt talk:/ took me n my mom 10 years just to potty train her. I also helped raise my younger brother who is now 13 he is of no help because he hasnt matured... oh did i mention I'm bisexual and the girl i love was only dating me for a week out of pitty.... I'm only bi because.i was molested fr 3 years by my YOUNGER COUSINS:"(I'm starting to do partly better but before this i went to rebelian 2nd handed off weed, tagged, stole, and almost killed plenty of people for their imurturity and stuidity. The only good thing is i have a boyfriend who loves me and I'm head over heels for him...been with him for a year but even if hes here the reality of life hits hard:/ i've tried suicide, running away, and just trying to ignore life but it seems like.nothing helps... SHOOT ME PLEASE!? -Katt
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Story #132, 04.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Family 
im 14. my life used to be good, a great family who loves me, great friends, popularity in school and,.... then i started to like my best friend, he liked bad girls so i started acting bad, found new older friends, started to smoke weed, got fake boyfriends, dressup like a whore and... then he started to act good and once he told me that it was the old me that he loved the old nicer me, so i wanna change now but i cant cuz i turned into a bitch... SHOOT ME PLEASE (P.S im still a virgin and i still like him)
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Story #102, 05.01.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family  Other 
I'm only 12 years old, but I have emotional and family issues that are taking a toll on me. It all starts out when I was 3, and living in Chicago. To make this long story short; I was at a bakery with my mom, brother, and the store owners, a robber came in and held up the store, tied up my mom and the store owners in the basement, threatining to kill us all, then leaving me and broher upstairs with him... Considering I don't really remember this, and it's not completely relavent to the rest of my story; how did this affect me? I developed mild PTSD... As well as having that, I currently have depression, I self harm, I have anxiety, and am showing signs of anorexia. Along with that, even though I do love my mom, she is a complete bitch to me! She told me she I thought I was going to kill myself, she's called me bitch before, shithead, never believes me about anything, and she always brings me down someway or another... And from people at school that hurts, I know it does, but from your own mom it hurts so much more. She's really a large reason of why I cut, and have had sucidal thoughts. I keep all that botteled up in me though, because I feel like there is no one there for me to tell it to. In all honesty, I'm scared for my future. I'm only 12, but I have depression, am very awkward, have an anxiey disorder, PTSD, starting to have a eating disorder... I feel like a completely screwed worthless piece of shit and I don't know what to do. Shoot me please.
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Story #100, 11.12.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
For the first few years of my life, I had a fairly good life. A dad, mom, and brother. One day, my mom ran away, and I haven't seen her since. My brother died at the age of 9, and I found him dead in my garage. From there on, things went down hill. My dad and I moved to a shitty place in the inner city, where he became a drug and alcohol addict. Nowadays, he always seem to be either drunk or high. He's abusive, and doesn't give a fuck about my well being. He should be in jail, but he's not, and I just don't get it. I'm afraid to admit this, but I'm leaning down the same path as him, and can't stop myself. I've cut since I was 9, have severe depression, and an anxiety disorder. I just feel like it's not worth living anymore, there's no one there for my, I'm worthless... I hate my life. Shoot me please.
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Story #97, 25.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Family 
Sixteen. Almost seventeen. Mum divorced three times and married four times. (her current marriage is slowly decaying) Still don't know who my dad is. Want to get out of this shit town but my 'family' will no longer take me in. My older sister who was my fucking mentor moved out the Monday before Thanksgiving so I came home and her room was empty, like she had never lived here. I work at fucking Pizza Hut and they scam me every paycheck and I'm constantly sexually harassed but I'm too fucking tired to do anything. My ex boyfriend (we lost our virginities together) turned into a nympho and cheated on me with a lot of different girls by using MYYEARBOOK. My other ex got leukemia and somehow managed to cheat on me on his death bed. (He recovered, and now he's a local celebrity and AAAALLLLLLLL the girls want some) I am now a speed addict, spend most of my paycheck money on speed and weed. Have one night stands. Ended up fucking the 19 year old neighborhood felon and getting pregnant. Got an abortion. Can't get over my two main exs (previously mentioned) AND I'M STILL STUCK IN THIS PODUNK TOWN. FMLSHMPLS!!!
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Story #96, 20.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
I have a computer connected to my tv and got it before they sold those pc ones and by bff wants one too Shoot yourself
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Story #95, 19.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family 
Everyday i suffer with bullying, depression, stress. all i get is hate from people i dont even know. my family hates me and all i wanna do is die. my family tells me im not good enough, and that im worthless. SMPLS
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Story #90, 21.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Family 
I have two brothers. SHMPLS
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Story #89, 16.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Family 
My best friend posted about her screwed up life on here and so many people said shoot that she shot her self yesterday. I miss her so much so please.. Shoot me so I can see her again! PLEASE!!
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Story #88, 16.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
I'm Bi-Polar. I have Depression. I have been Physically, Verbally, Sexually, Mentally, and Emotionally abused by my "Family" since I was 7.. (I am only 14) I hardly know my father. The man who was like a father to me comitted suicide yesterday. All my neigbors know what happens at my house but refuse to do anything about it. Three people that I cared about (My Grandmother, Grandfather, and my other Grandfather) all died in the last three months) I get harrassed by all the guys at school. They pull me into bathrooms and ask me if I want to do it. My neibor pulls out a gun when ever she sees me walking by. Shoot me please. Anybody who knows (Guidance counclers at school.. Teachers..) give up on me..
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Story #85, 30.08.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
My parents hate me.....SHMPLS
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Story #81, 25.07.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Work  Family 
In the last year I have lost 2 houses, broken a lease on an apartment, seperated and soon to divorce, filed for bankruptcy twice because the.first one fell apart, moved back with my parents at 31 years old, screwed myself out of three jobs, and have exactly 200 dollars to my name. No college degree no savings no backup plan no nothing so shoot me no?
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Story #77, 13.06.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family 
My wife is making life hell for me
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Story #67, 20.04.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Relations  Family 
my dad was a client of mine along with others and we suffered a business loss, as all accepted the risks. as a result of the loss, the family has been divided for years about "money". I have invited my father to discuss anything he has ever wanted to discuss with me. He remains silent. Instead other family members seemingly are using my downfall to marginalize me. Literally half of my family seems to have written me off, all while I am facing bankruptcy and could use their financial support the most to rebuild. They are unaware I risked all of my money first, to save theirs, and barely came out of the situation with anything and hardly can consider myself a failure at that. The situation creates much daily pressure, "SHMPLS"
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Story #62, 26.02.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Family  Other 
My recent day- I had to wake up 3:30AM, got less than two hours of sleep, I went to school after a 30-k morning jog in the pouring rain, my girlfriend broke up with me, I failed three tests, a project, and got 4 hours worth of homework, I realise that my parents are divorcing, and my ex is a lesbo. SHMPLS!
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