Story #163, 08.01.2013 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Family 
26, no job, no woman, no hope, no fk any thing, live with parents, shoot me with bazooka!!!
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Story #81, 25.07.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Work  Family 
In the last year I have lost 2 houses, broken a lease on an apartment, seperated and soon to divorce, filed for bankruptcy twice because the.first one fell apart, moved back with my parents at 31 years old, screwed myself out of three jobs, and have exactly 200 dollars to my name. No college degree no savings no backup plan no nothing so shoot me no?
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Story #67, 20.04.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Relations  Family 
my dad was a client of mine along with others and we suffered a business loss, as all accepted the risks. as a result of the loss, the family has been divided for years about "money". I have invited my father to discuss anything he has ever wanted to discuss with me. He remains silent. Instead other family members seemingly are using my downfall to marginalize me. Literally half of my family seems to have written me off, all while I am facing bankruptcy and could use their financial support the most to rebuild. They are unaware I risked all of my money first, to save theirs, and barely came out of the situation with anything and hardly can consider myself a failure at that. The situation creates much daily pressure, "SHMPLS"
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Story #37, 05.10.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money 
ok, one of the most respective e-wallet companies after 7 years of work ended up closing down. The only hope left to widthraw the cash left there. shmpls.
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Story #12, 25.09.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money 
It looks like i will be the first one telling my story here. Anyway there is one online wallet company that just frozen up all the credit cards that users own and wont let to withdraw a penny. Millions of people are left without a possibility to receive or withdraw the money and there is no light to resolve that. Imagine if that's all you got. Now Shoot me please.
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