Story #41, 08.10.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Appearance  Health 
I got in a car crash years back and found out last week that the crash gave me a condition that my face would change in a few years. Now I look like KE$HA. I'm a guy. SHMPLS.
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Story #33, 01.10.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Health 
im 25, im a kitchen porter, ive never had a girlfriend and still a virgin and ill probably never get one, I dont drive and i still live with my parrents and ive got what i think is obsessive compulsary disorder, I get bored easily if the 4or5 things I find interesting run out of steam, and I keep looking at my passsed childhood wishing it was the 90s again but it will never happen. oh, and I have manboobs and small hands/wrists and it makes me anxious in public. shoot me please.
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