Story #81, 25.07.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Money  Work  Family 
In the last year I have lost 2 houses, broken a lease on an apartment, seperated and soon to divorce, filed for bankruptcy twice because the.first one fell apart, moved back with my parents at 31 years old, screwed myself out of three jobs, and have exactly 200 dollars to my name. No college degree no savings no backup plan no nothing so shoot me no?
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Story #27, 29.09.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Work 
My employer has moved the bonus payout till next check. This will be the 3rd pay period they have been saying that. Shoot me please!
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Story #20, 28.09.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Work 
I wake up, dress up, going to work, having coffee, having lunch, working, going home, having dinner, watching TV, going to sleep. I repeat it 5 days a week for past 10 years, OK i think you can shoot now.
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Story #19, 28.09.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Work 
Had a dream to be a doctor, help people, maybe a surgeon. Now i work as a plumber. Shoot me please.
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