Story #172, 12.07.2013 from anonymous visitor
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I ordered pizza for my neighbor, so the pizza man will arive in about half an hour and give the pizza for about 20 bucks. So I pranked my neighbor by ordering pizza for them. SHMPLS
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Story #171, 27.05.2013 from anonymous visitor
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I'm 13, I feel useless and not wanted. I cut myself a lot but I don't tell many people, but when I do, it hurts to say because you never know who really is there for you....Or if there just playing with your feelings. My parents don't want me, they have my brother, He might not be the smartest or the best child, but my parents want him more than me. My friends? I don't even know if they are my friends, they get mad at me for stupid things sometimes, and then just ignore me. I feel alone...and worthless. And I'm tired....Sometimes I wonder how the world would be without me. And it seems like it would be better...Way Better. Shoot Me Please...
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Story #146, 29.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
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I am a 15 year old who has no friends, my grades suck and I am horrible at sports, the girl I asked out slapped me and my parents hate me. I am obese and I even broke the computer I spent $500 building (my life's savings) and the company that I ordered the faulty part from refuses to pay damages. Shoot me please
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Story #96, 20.11.2011 from anonymous visitor
I have a computer connected to my tv and got it before they sold those pc ones and by bff wants one too Shoot yourself
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