Story #159, 22.10.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents 
I am 15 and My relationship with my father is very troubling. We fight and disagree on almost everything and do not spend quality time together like we used to. My little brother and his friends always make jokes about my weight when im not around. My parents tell me I am fat and they try to encourage me to lose weight but I think there is no way I can. I am overweight by medical standards and am upset by it. Recently, I have had a C in both AP world history and Algebra 2. My father took my computer and stashed it in the back of His car and took it to work so I could not use it. I need some guidance and have nobody else to turn to. I wish someone could help
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Story #140, 23.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
my mom died of cancer living with a asshole dad shmpls!
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Story #138, 21.03.2012 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents 
15, parents hate me
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Story #100, 11.12.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
For the first few years of my life, I had a fairly good life. A dad, mom, and brother. One day, my mom ran away, and I haven't seen her since. My brother died at the age of 9, and I found him dead in my garage. From there on, things went down hill. My dad and I moved to a shitty place in the inner city, where he became a drug and alcohol addict. Nowadays, he always seem to be either drunk or high. He's abusive, and doesn't give a fuck about my well being. He should be in jail, but he's not, and I just don't get it. I'm afraid to admit this, but I'm leaning down the same path as him, and can't stop myself. I've cut since I was 9, have severe depression, and an anxiety disorder. I just feel like it's not worth living anymore, there's no one there for my, I'm worthless... I hate my life. Shoot me please.
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Story #88, 16.10.2011 from anonymous visitor
I'm Bi-Polar. I have Depression. I have been Physically, Verbally, Sexually, Mentally, and Emotionally abused by my "Family" since I was 7.. (I am only 14) I hardly know my father. The man who was like a father to me comitted suicide yesterday. All my neigbors know what happens at my house but refuse to do anything about it. Three people that I cared about (My Grandmother, Grandfather, and my other Grandfather) all died in the last three months) I get harrassed by all the guys at school. They pull me into bathrooms and ask me if I want to do it. My neibor pulls out a gun when ever she sees me walking by. Shoot me please. Anybody who knows (Guidance counclers at school.. Teachers..) give up on me..
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Story #85, 30.08.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Parents  Family 
My parents hate me.....SHMPLS
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Story #56, 16.01.2011 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Friends  Relations  Parents 
My grandmother wont let me du a fucking thing! I miss my best friend so bad, but my grandma says she cant come to us. SHMPLS!
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Story #42, 08.10.2010 from anonymous visitor
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My mom deleted my facebook because my status said I was married to my best friend who's a girl. WE'RE NOT LESBIANS. SHMPLS.
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Story #40, 07.10.2010 from anonymous visitor
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I have not spoken to mum for almost 7 years. I have another life in a town 20 minutes away from my family home. The years has estranged and strained my relationship with the family. The gap gets wider everyday so shoot me please.
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Story #39, 06.10.2010 from anonymous visitor
Tags: Relations  Parents  Family 
I wanna kill my parents and a lot of other people and the boy I love has commit suicide 11 years ago! shoot me!
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Story #18, 28.09.2010 from anonymous visitor
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Dating one hot girl but ONLY when her mom gives a green light to go out. SHMPLS or whatever.
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